God for the rest of us!

Our Pastor

Jonathan thinks about ministry differently.  You will find him in shorts on Sunday because he enjoys being comfortable and wants to make sure that anyone that shows up for a service is comfortable.  Growing up in the influence of the “Independent Fundamental Baptist”, he found himself at odds with the thought process behind the actions of the church.  There had to be more about it than all the rules and regulations and ways you can’t do it.  He knew there had to be more to it based on scripture and often time found himself at odds with leaders and tradition (Doing things that way just because it’s always been done that way).  This idea and thought process has always had an impact in the places and ways that he has been able to serve using the talents that the Lord gave him.

You will notice that influence when you visit our group.  While we sing, worship, and study through the Bible it is not your ordinary way of doing it.

Please come by and join us!  See for yourself what its all about. Tired of religion, tired of church? Let us show you how different is refreshing.

More about Pastor Jonathan

Saved at the age of 5 in a children’s church at West Florida Baptist Church in Sarasota. Grew up in a home filled with love. Attended private Christian Schools for K through graduation and always seemed to push the limits of the “norm”. At age 12 took two years of piano lessons and knew that music would be a part of his life from then on.

Jonathan has always been a part of a ministry. Church Pianist, Church Organist, Assistant Music Director, Music Director, Worship Leader, can sum up many of the parts that he has had through the years at various churches. Has directed and written holiday productions and released two music albums. Fast forward from the first keys being played for an offertory special at the age of 12 to now.

Through the path that God has taken him and his family over the last several years Pastor Jonathan is now our Lead Pastor here at NBFM. Receiving no salary or other compensation, Pastor Jonathan donates his time, talents, and energy to the ministry and the spreading of the gospel. He owns Architectural Signage and Printing, a family business started in Lutz in 1986, and moved it to Land O Lakes in 2015.

Pastor Jonathan also serves in several other ministries in the area.  Hunter’s In Christ Kingdom (HICK) is one that enables his love of the outdoors to reach others outside of the walls of a “church” building.

Jonathan & Judi have 4 wonderful children. Judi is a board member of the Greater Pasco Chamber of Commerce and handles the promotional department of the sign shop. You will find her and the kiddos in the church kitchen on most Sunday mornings making sure the pancakes and eggs or whatever is decided on is ready. It’s a family effort to get the coffee hot, and breakfast ready. When it comes to the worship service… Shauna, sings with her dad in leading worship.  Aaron, the youngest, is dad’s tech guy and plays the drums or other percussion with dad during worship. He loves helping out with getting everything setup for services and then getting it all turned off when it’s all over.

We are different in our thinking, we are different in our actions.