American Heritage Girls

Troop FL4152

Weekly Troop Meetings

1st and 3rd Tuesday – Regular Meeting

2nd Tuesday is Service Badge Projects

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

A one time registration fee of $26 is required by AHG.  Registration can be done online via the button below or in person.

Please note that there is a “Sister Cap,” which is a maximum $60 fee set in place for families registering 3 or more daughters – they are not paying $26
per girl. The payment of 3 or more daughters must be submitted at the same time in order for the Sister Cap to take effect.

Troop Dues cover the basic expenses of your girls involvement in American Heritage Girls.  This includes her book for the year and all standard weekly activities during the troop meetings.  We will have regular weekly meeting September through May. June through August we will have monthly Summer Fun activities.

The annual dues are $80.  (This is only $1.54 per week annually or $2 per week if you want to only count the 42 weeeks.) Maybe you can find some extra things around the house for your daughter to help out with to earn the money each week.

We have a few payment options:

  • Prepay the year…$75 (Save $5)
  • Prepay the year…$80 (The $5 will go to help other families who may need assitance for their daughter to attend)
  • Four payments of $20 (Sep, Nov, Feb, April)
  • If want to use this as a teaching moment for your child and have them bring the $2 each week so they are involved we can do that too.

Levels are based on a girl’s age, not her grade. Be sure that when you are recruiting families and marketing your AHG Troop that you clarify Level placement – age, not grade.  

One of AHG’s primary values is to provide developmentally appropriate activities and to not “hurry” a child into mastery, but to enjoy the process and learn along the way. 

October 31st is the age cut-off for girls registering in a certain Level.  If a girl will meet a Level’s minimum age requirement shortly after the October 31st cut-off date, please contact your AHG Troop Coach about the situation (if the girl’s parents intend to place her in the next Level).


  • Pathfinder Level: Ages 5-6
    • Pathfinders typically spend one year as a Pathfinder
  • Tenderheart Level: Ages 6-9
    • Tenderhearts typically spend 3 years as a Tenderheart
  • Explorer Level: Ages 9-12
    • Explorers typically spend 3 years as an Explorer
  • Pioneer Level: Ages 12-14
    • Pioneers typically spend 2 years as a Pioneer.
  • Patriot Level: Ages 14-18
    • Patriots typically spend 4 years as a Patriot


A girl cannot prematurely jump to the next Level (if she does not meet the minimum age requirement), but she may stay back a Level if she is not ready to move ahead.

  • Keep in mind that this may affect the girl’s decision to earn her Stars & Stripes Award, which must be earned before she turns 18.

Here are documents that you will need to download, print, and fill out for us.

AHG Registration

Child's Name

Sister Cap
$60 Max – 3+Girls

Girl's Names

Annual Dues Prepay

Child's Name

Annual Dues Prepay
$80 – Donate $5

Child's Name

Annual Dues 
4 Payment Plan

Child's Name

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