God for the rest of us!

Tired of Church?

Tired of Religion?

We are!

Tired of…


Rules for the sake of rules

Man-made restrictions

Tired of…

Feeling lonely and not part of a bigger purpose with friends and family

Tired of…

Feeling like you have to get your life cleaned up and working to be accepted

Ready for New Beginning?

Your past does not matter

Everyone has come from somewhere.  Some individual’s “somewhere” is dark and messy while others is just “not bad at all”.  When it all comes down to it there is no difference in the need for love, acceptance, friendship, and the need of a Savior.

Forget about the box of religion

The difference is how we go about it.
We are not about how it has been done before.
Our main priority is doing all we can to honor God.

Relaxed Environment

for learning spiritual principles and how to apply them in today’s world.

Kids are included and engaged.

Come as you are

and don’t feel like you have to get all dressed up and fancy.  Casual and comfortable are the standard.

Our pastor wears shorts on Sunday.

Relevant & Interactive

Open discussions on current day topics.

Questions are encouraged!

We are different in our thinking, we are different in our actions.